Monday, July 28, 2008

Timothy fluttered and blushed prettily.

This is my hat.
Sadly, my head is ever-so-slightly too large for it, and my glasses and pigtails sort of add to the problem. But it's all right if I wear it with my hair down, I think.

For some reason I have this vision of myself walking along the seaside in this hat, with the wind in my hair, and the waves crashing on the rocks below me... It's early morning, and there's a handsome, dark haired man walking toward me (in slow motion of course) and his open shirt is flapping in the wind.

Ok, never mind about that last part.

But anyway, I need to pimp out this hat. The bow is lame, and the rhinestone thingy you see in the front is quite tacky. I'll find a thick ribbon somewhere, maybe. And fabric flowers. And plastic fruit, cuz da ladies dig dat.

Pink or white ribbon, do you think?


B said...

Pink ribbon!

Jillian said...

i look terrible in hats :(

i say pink!

Anonymous said...

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