Thursday, July 3, 2008

I'm sorry, miss--- but you clash with the furniture.

Please ignore my face.

Top- secondhand
Skirt- made by Grandma
Sandals- China
Headband- made by me

I bought a huge bundle of hair elastics at the Dollar Store (which, by the way, are NOT FUCKING ELASTIC--- what a joke), and since they were pretty much usless, I just knotted a few of them together and made a nifty headband!

Woot woot.


Tavi said...

Love the plaid!!

yumiko said...

i like your furniture,how its all pastel, and how clean your room is--completely different from mine:[[
nice picture below :]]

copperoranges said...

this is not meant to sound critical, but i think if you hemmed that skirt a bit it might look less overwhelmingly plaid.

you look really cute though, i promise! i have a world map in my room too!

Sam said...

i like the plaid skirt.

Rk, Style Blogger said...

I love that you can pull off that head band! I've tried doing stuff like that and it just does a wierd thing to my hair lol. I do like the plaid skirt, it looks cute (I would shorten it to my knees, but that is just me! :) )

Wendy said...

I like the plaid skirt.