Saturday, July 26, 2008

She stepped on a silver butterfly.

I went to the Burlington Coat Factory today and bought tights, a lavender sunhat, and a white top. Pictures will be up later.
Golly, that store is a mess, but I do love the prices so!!

And this is from a while ago, when I was experimenting with layering:

Skirt on top- Mom
Skirt on bottom- Mom
Jacket- Sear's
Belt- ?

I found the jacket on clearance for only five dollars. It was a great day.

Oh, and I think I'm moving...
To southern California.
This blows. I haven't told any of my friends yet, or Rocket Club, or my almost-boyfriend. I'm not sure if it'll be ok...
I'll still be blogging, though. Hey, why do you look so disappointed?


Dapper Kid said...

Love the jacket, it looks super!

Sam said...

whoa five dollars?! the jacket is a great find!

Sugar Pop said...

cool face :)

Anonymous said...

ah! i saw one of your favorite bands is muse, like me! alskdfjow love the skirt on top btw

Honeymoon said...

Nice outfit !

The Clothes Horse said...

I used a white paint pen to draw on my laptop.