Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Maximum Ride

I did not like the way the author wrote the book. I LOVED the characters, the names, the plot, the basic idea of it, but the style was too simple. And the summary at the back said that Max was really funny, but Max was very rarely funny...

I saw the commercial for it, and the actress playing Max looked way older than fourteen, and much too girly. The voice was so cheesy and fake it made my ears bleed, and I wanted to puke. I liked the way she unfurled her wings, though. They better make Fang and Ig look good to make up for the casting of Max, though.

PS. I hope Fang is not emo. He's strong and silent and handsome, but not EMO. I will die if Fang is emo in the film. Because I love him.

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