Friday, August 3, 2007

Harry Potter movie.


Men from Harry Potter are hot.

1. But I do think Daniel Radcliffe looked better in the last movie.

2. Emma Watson is a pretty horrible actress. She's pretty, but not good at acting.

3. Prof. Umbridge's character could have been exaggerated more. I was not really satisfied with her.

4. Cho and Harry's relationship wasn't really developed that well. Cho didn't break down crying at all, they just kissed, and it didn't show them breaking up, so how is Harry supposed to get going with Ginny (HIS TRUE LOVE!!) in the next movie??! People won't get this unless they read the book.

5. Hermione is supposed to be nerdy and frantic and, endearingly, a smarty-pants. In the movie, she is girly and a bit cheesy.

6. Dumbledore was cheerful and had twinkly eyes in the book. In the movie,though, he...wasn't. Remember that part when he arrives at Harry's hearing late, and he says he must have missed the owl? Well, he was supposed to say it lightly and cheerfully. Instead, he didn't smile at all. It was like---well---taking the Dumbledore-ness out of Dumbledore.

7. Harry yelled alot in the book. He had...mood swings and sudden bursts of unreasonable anger. Not in the movie, he didn't.

7. The Weasley Twins aren't shown nearly enough here. They are so sexy, but I liked them in the fourth movie best. That was when I fell completely in love with them....

But still pretty great. ^___^

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