Friday, February 1, 2008

Furniture and a THAT white t-shirt!

That top I was working on is now de-humunguhfied and I'm almost done with it!! I only have one sleeve left to sew (ooooh, like in that fairy tale).

I tried it on and it actually fits really well, considering how I cut into it blindly (and rather stupidly, I admit); it's quite long and I think I'll wear it as a dress. I'm really excited!

Oooh, and even my crappy haphazard stitching is holding up quite well...I used pink thread because I couldn't find any white.

Movisi's Q-Couch: These couches are modular, so you can take them apart. They're lightweight, versatile, and colorful and pretty!!
Did I just say versatile?! Writing is hard without the Word thesaurus.

Clam juice.

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